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My name is Selwyn Warren and I am a trauma-informed intimacy and sexuality therapist helping single people and couples find deeper connection with themselves and others. When we experience better intimacy, we feel more embodied and creative, and our lives tend to flow easier. Our relationships improve and we begin enjoy pleasure more.

Working with sexuality is not just about working with bodies. It’s about building relationships, and being more in-tune with life. An exploration of touch or fantasy can open new doors to understanding ourselves better and what makes us tick. Owning our emotions and getting to know our shadow lets us begin to enjoy our light. Experiencing more bodily sensations helps us open to new experience.

Our sexuality can be the gateway of our souls, and for centuries we’ve buried it in shame and oppression. Maybe now we can begin to bring it into the light.

“Selwyn is a rare and precious being who effortlessly blends the safety of deep presence with the sensitivity of intuition and flow.

As a Tantric practitioner myself I am very discerning about who touches my body and how. When I place myself in Selwyn’s hands I know I can fully relax into trust. You can literally feel Selwyn listening to your body and responding to its needs moment to moment. Nothing is rushed or pushed. It is a space to drop deep into being and I cherish the gift this brings.”

Gayatri Claire Beegan

Tantra Massage Training

“We had a few coaching sessions with Selwyn and it was great to explore and expand our knowledge in kink. The highlight was some ideas in how to explore silent kink.

With young children, this was perfect for the present times and took our intimacy to another level which we both enjoyed. Would recommend Selwyn if you are looking for some interesting ways to spice things up in the bedroom.”

Kerry & Mark