My involvement in the conscious sexuality ‘scene’ began when I realised the need to explore in a deeper sense my relationships and sexuality. I’d always been interested in how people relate and alongside my trainings in shiatsu and yoga, I began studying tantra. Tantra can be an amazing journey and I explored deeply into myself, my heart, my actions and my relating.  However, I also felt in my gut that something was missing. In hindsight I think I knew that love and joy were wonderful, but they didn’t show the whole picture-my hurts, my pain, my addictions- my “Me”.

Some time later, I found an organisation in London called Sacred Pleasures and I attended my first conscious kink workshop. I was immediately challenged by the environment, the people and the facilitator, but during the first structure I knew that I’d begun a different journey-one where I could explore the Dark as well as the Light. Through techniques and ritual, I began looking at my relationship with power, control and submission in the areas of relationship and sexuality. This in turn served to transform other areas of my life and led me to feel more embodied and whole.