My Offering to Men

I love working with men. Let’s face it; masculinity is in crisis at the moment. Last year the UK recorded an average of 84 suicides a week amongst men and addictions are extremely common. We need each other more than ever.  

It is assumed that the most common sexual problems for men are loss of erection and worry about penis size.  My experience says that men’s worries run a lot deeper and are more complicated, especially around sexuality and intimacy.  

Men are beginning to open up more on an emotional level and recognise their own needs and boundaries.

I offer a space holding and weekly coaching service for men where we can talk online or in person about anything that is happening and often I find that it is something so seemingly unimportant that can be the trigger for other more complex issues.

In person, I also give non-sexual bodywork, usually in the form of shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is a powerful form of treatment, which links pain and stuckness in the body with our emotional well-being. Together with talking and listening this can lead to a powerful, healing change.

Sacred Communication for Men

I provide online sessions for men who wish to discuss their intimate lives. To arrange a free 20 minute consultation please get in touch here.

Topics discussed may include:

  • Sexual confidence and technique
  • Dominance/submission
  • Ejaculation and ejaculation practise
  • Boundaries and communication
  • Exploring masculinity
  • Developing embodiment and self-trust
  • Fantasy and kinks
  • Pornography