In all my work I take consent and boundaries very seriously and firmly believe in making spaces safe both in our workshops and private sessions. In my research, we have visited many unsafe spaces where consent has not been given due diligence and boundaries have not been respected. Violations can lead to reinforcing of old wounds and traumas-the antithesis of healing work.

  • I firmly encourage the use the word ‘No’ and assertion of personal boundaries both by me, workshop participants and personal clients. Without the use of the word ‘no’, there can never be a firm ‘yes’.
  • I do not get involved on any sexual level in personal sessions or in workshops. My duty of care is to hold space and help to deal with anything that arises.
  • With personal clients, boundaries are set at the start of any session and adhered to throughout that whole session. This makes the space safe and contained.
  • I undertake regular personal supervision to discuss any issues that have arisen.
  • My spaces are alcohol and drug free and anyone using substances beforehand will not be allowed to enter.
  • In workshops, no one will interrupt a scene they are not part of at the start of that session. Again this reinforces the safety of the group.
  • At the beginning of any group session space I ask for agreements and confidences to be adhered to by the group.  My personal sessions are also strictly confidential spaces.
  • I am an advocate of the work of Dr.Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent. www.wheelofconsent.org

Personal Session Payment Details

A session is secured with a maximum £100 non-refundable deposit or a full payment up front. This guarantees the studio booking. The remainder is to be paid up to one week before the session. Any cancellations must be made two weeks prior to the session. I try to be as flexible as possible with regards to changing session times.