You have a very approachable playfulness about you. I feel able to express myself without fear of judgement.  You have managed to create a great balance and you know when to drop in and out of the session.


“We had a few coaching sessions with Selwyn and it was great to explore and expand our knowledge in kink. The highlight was some ideas in how to explore silent kink, with young children, this was perfect for the present times and took our intimacy to another level which we both enjoyed. Would recommend Selwyn if you are looking for some interesting ways to spice things up in the bedroom.”

Kerry & Mark

“Selwyn is a rare and precious being who effortlessly blends the safety of deep presence with the sensitivity of intuition and flow.

As a Tantric practitioner myself I am very discerning about who touches my body and how. When I place myself in Selwyn’s hands I know I can fully relax into trust. You can literally feel Selwyn listening to your body and responding to its needs moment to moment. Nothing is rushed or pushed. It is a space to drop deep into being and I cherish the gift this brings.”

Gayatri Claire Beegan

Tantra Massage Training

I loved the guided meditation before going into a kink session – it brings a whole new presence to it, very emotive. Submission on a whole other level.


“We met Selwyn in an online commuity at a strange time in our lives. In the middle of the COVID-crisis. A time in which we were around each other 24/7 due to the lockdown, but weren’t always connected. Not because we didn’t want to be, we just weren’t always aware of it, going about our daily lives. And we try to make a point of staying connected. Obviously the lockdown had had it’s effect on us so it was time to go and deal with this!

When Selwyn offered his services online we got triggered by his combination of Tantra and Kink. We’ve been together for more than 15 years and the last few years we’ve been opening up our relationship and gotten very interested in Tantra. Kink has been something that peaked our curiosity, but we had no idea how to incorporate it into our lives. Selwyn turned out to be a great help in doing just that and broaden our horizon as to what Kink is or can be.

Selwyn is a great listener and is very good at translating what you tell him into exercises that meet your needs at that particular time. He made us feel very safe and gave us full control of what we wanted to share and do. And he has a certain energy around him that makes you feel very comfortable around him straight away!

We could immediately feel the effects of the exercises during and after our first session. And that feeling lasted for days after the sessions. Looking back at it, we often wonder how something that seems so simple can have such a huge impact. Every time we think our relationship couldn’t possibly go any deeper, we discover a new layer or space we can venture into. It’s really nice to have someone like Selwyn showing you the door and guiding you through.

We have really enjoyed our sessions with Selwyn and continue to put into practice what we learned by repeating the exercises on our own. We are very grateful to Selwyn for helping us deepening our relationship even further and introducing us to his mix of Tantra and Kink.”

Marieke & Ralph

“After the session I felt able to speak about some difficult things that were on my mind.  We created a safe nurturing space where I felt heard and cared for by Alex and then was able to talk.”

Cara & Alex