My Offering to Women

I see a dilemma in femininity at the moment. The fantastic advances in women’s liberation together with the declining traditional roles of masculinity have necessitated women to step into their masculine more and more. Consequently, women are losing touch with their femininity. The rise of the media has enhanced this crisis by playing to women’s fears around status and body image, especially after childbirth.  This impacts their sexuality and ability to relate intimately and can manifest in addictions and depression.

I combine my knowledge of bodywork, tantra, and conscious kink to create a bespoke service to enable women to step into their femininity, reconnect with their bodies, embrace their sexuality and deepen their erotic pleasure.

The Journey

In-Person Sessions

A period of time devoted solely to you

I provide the safety of deep presence with the sensitivity of intuition and flow.  Under my hands you can truly relax into trust, as I listen to your body and respond to its needs moment by moment. Nothing is rushed or pushed; you can drop deep into your being.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a couple of hours to take a journey just for your own unselfish pleasure with me as your guide?

My service for women includes techniques such as massage and bodywork, yoni or vaginal massage, holding space, ritual, sensuality, breathwork, tantric energy work. You may wish to come and receive a deep relaxing massage and be held in that space. You may feel to journey into your sensuality, or experience your sexual aliveness.  We may go very deep and tap into the depths of you yet to be revealed, or we may be light and playful. You may experience a range of emotions from rage or sadness to joy and peace. Within this, we will always make sure the space is safe and held.

For further details, please get in touch here.

Sacred Communication for Women

Online Sessions

I provide online sessions for women who wish to discuss their intimate lives and receive a male insight into any blocks that may be happening. To arrange a free 20 minute consultation please get in touch here.

Topics discussed may include:

  • Sexual blocks with partner/s
  • Explorations and fantasies
  • Relating to the opposite sex
  • Finding the right partner
  • Boundaries and communication
  • Sexual technique
  • Orgasm

You have a very approachable playfulness about you. I feel able to express myself without fear of judgement.  You have managed to create a great balance and you know when to drop in and out of the session.


“Selwyn is a rare and precious being who effortlessly blends the safety of deep presence with the sensitivity of intuition and flow.

As a Tantric practitioner myself I am very discerning about who touches my body and how. When I place myself in Selwyn’s hands I know I can fully relax into trust. You can literally feel Selwyn listening to your body and responding to its needs moment to moment. Nothing is rushed or pushed. It is a space to drop deep into being and I cherish the gift this brings.”

Gayatri Claire Beegan

Tantra Massage Training